This is a brief overview of the history of the world made to give you a frame of reference. Dates given here are by the Magadelonian Calendar.

The first age

The Primordial Era
This is as far back as the dwarven records go. They were few in number and hunted by monsters much more fearsome than you would find in the world today. There is no starting date of this era since nothing is known about the time before this.


The second age

The Era of Legends
Began circa 5000 years ago

Unlike the other eras you cannot point toward a single event when it began, but some time in the ancient world the dwarves wrested control of the world from the monsters. In general, years are not counted during this time which mean that history in this period is hard to follow. However many of the famous dwarven legends and songs take place during this time.

The third age

The Elven Era
Began circa 1784 years ago

This era began with the first elven king of the moon. During this time the elves experienced a golden age. However their rule was severe which caused many of the other sentient races to languish. Their law was draconian and saw fit that little mercy would be shown toward members of other races.

The one race that thrived during this time were the halflings while not free most of them could make a good living working as servants and performers for their elven masters.

Eventually however an alliance between the dwarves and the humans overthrew the elven kings and slayed most of the race and the ones who survived either fled the land or hid deep within the forest. There’s still some animosity between halflings and the other races due to them not aiding the others during the wars.

The fourth age

The Era of Brotherhood
Began circa 1421 years ago

The era began when King Thorgrim Elvenslayer and King Francis II declared the war won and established the holiday known as the fifth night and sixth day to celebrate the end of the long war. The era is generally seen as a golden age of man and dwarf. During this period nations Westmarch and Mittenland first appear. The elves are however still in control of the ang buwan (Moon) islands but their power is broken and is no threat to the mainland. It is not until the end of this era that they will be overthrown there as well by men of Mittenland.


The fifth age

The Era of Strife
Began 243 years ago

This current era began with the closing of the holds. For an unknown reason the mountain dwarves closed the gates to their great homes in the mountains. Expeditions attempting to gain access to the holds have either been attacked or simply disappeared.

Since this time many wars have been fought between the nations of mannsheim and monster attacks have grown more frequent.


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