The lands of Mannsheim is defined by the Gryphon mountains in the west, the sea in the east. To the north lie the frozen wilderness where nothing can grow and to the south lies the sea of grass roamed by nomadic tribes. Inside these border lie the five civilized nations of the world.

The population in Mannsheim is diverse, both in terms of culture and race. Most races are integrated into the societies and have no naming conventions or language of their own, with the exception of the old mountain dwarves whose nation was very isolated inside the mountains. Most dwarves however never belonged to that nation.

The landscape also varies throughout the region with the north and west being mainly mountainous and covered in hills. The central parts are generally more forested than the southern parts where the forest give way to the sea of grass. Off the coast in the east there is a group of volcanic islands called Islas de Dragón or simply the dragon islands.

The temperature generally increases the further south you come, the average temperature in Miziir in the north is just over 5°C while in Esteval in the south comes to just under 16°C.


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