Celesté cinq

Alignment: LG
Alignment: Varies (see gods)
Centers of Worship Mittenland, Valéry, Westmarch

This religious practise originated in Valéry during the late third age but has since spread to other parts of the world. It holds being good both in thought and in deed above all else, the religion has a large influence on the states that have adopted it. Another feature of the religion is it’s many religious orders.


Many of the greatest works of art that have ever been made in this world are depictions of the gods and legends of this religion. It’s temples are lavishly decorated with gold and artwork.

The main place of worship is at the temples. But there are also several monastic orders, their vows and practices vary and generally you are free to leave if you should so wish. A common practice is for wealthy families to send their children to be schooled at a monastery even though this is very expensive. People with less wealth can still enter but their days will be spent working for their food and shelter instead of being taught by the monks or nuns.

The Gods


Godess of Agriculture, Hearth, Family & Healing
Alignment: NG
Symbol: Bee, Dove, Lily, Wheat
Domains: Community, Good, Healing, Nobility & Sun


The followers of Roselle are often healers they are often also very skilled diplomats. One of the things that sets her cult apart from the others are that she has no paladins or warriors. Most often an agreement has been found with the followers of Beroul for protection in return for them caring for their wounded. Her cult is very popular, especially with the peasants.


Godess of Judgement, Magic, Knowledge, & Death
Alignment: LG
Symbol: Book, Sword
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Magic, Repose & Void


The cult of Magdelona is most known for its two large orders the first are “Les frères bleu” who are a monastical order concerned with the gathering and safekeeping of knowledge, they also keep a record of time used in many countries. The other famous order are the “L’ordre de l’épée justes”, these are judges spreading her the holy law wherever they go.


God of Protection, Craftsmanship, Mastery & Courage
Alignment: LG
Symbol: Hammer, Mountain, Shield
Domains: Artifice, Community, Protection, Strength & War


While not particularly aggressive, the followers of Beroul see themselves as shepherds and defenders of the realm. While this cult teaches you never to start a fight you should train and prepare to finish one should you, your friends or your neighbours be threatened. They have the most militant of the religious orders.


God of Animals, Fertility, Hunting & Wilds
Alignment: CG
Symbol: Bow & arrow, Oak tree, Stag
Domains: Animal, Charm, Liberation, Luck & Plant


The wilderness is home to Aubry who teaches his followers to enjoy every day and not to worry about the future. Every night is a feast filled with plenty of fine food, wine and women but unlike Roselle he has little interest in relationships instead enjoying himself with a new partner every night and often not just one.


God of Sailors, Seas, Thunder & Winds
Alignment: LN
Symbol: Anchor, Compass
Domains: Air, Protection, Trickery, Water & Weather


A vengeful god often not revered as much as he is feared. Despite this he can give bountiful gifts and bring wealth and fortune upon his followers. He is however just as quick to anger and take it all away again. Most of his followers are sailors or fishermen who bring sacrifices to his temples hoping for a safe journey and a bountiful catch.

Celesté cinq

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