El maginfico uno

Dragon god of law, nobility and the sun
Alignment: LG
Domains: Fire, Law, Nobility, Scalykind & Sun
Centers of Worship: Islas de Dragón


While being the only allowed religion on the Islas de Dragón, this religion have yet to spread to the mainland. Her real name is Baliarth, but it is rare to hear someone refer to her unless that person is calling for her aid. Despite being a good deity she has little tolerance for failure or other religious beliefs.

The iconography of this religion commonly depicts a single golden dragon, to include more than one is considered heretic. Another common symbol is that of the torch of eternal flame. This religious item is kept in the grand temple in Vicentia as a symbol of the pact between the inhabitants of the islands and her to never let another volcano erupt on their lands. A third is that of the sun which is thought to be the mother of Beliarth.

Temples and shrines dedicated to the glory of Baliarth can be found on nearly every street corner in Islas de Dragón but are very rare otherwise. The priesthood are also the rulers of the islands backed by their nearly fanatical paladins who in turn lead the armies of the nation.


El maginfico uno

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